About Giovannis.tv - Move over Gino di Campo, it's Giovanni's turn!

Giovanni is no stranger to being in front of the camera. After years of looking after celebrities and having made hundreds of TV appearances including starring in Sky TVs Singdate and House with forthcoming roles in Sherlock and MTV's hit show The Valleys. His media attention along with his highly successful Giovanni's Restaurants and Cookery School brand has meant that Giovanni is already something of a celebrity in South Wales, and that doesn't look set to change any time soon.

Giovanni's love of acting, combined with his sense of humour and ability to spot a good idea from a mile off has led him to team up with good friend and restaurant manager Massimo Fraioli. Together they have created a series of webisodes "The Italianos", the first of which (a festive special) debuts December 20th 2013.

The Italianos Giovannis.tv

Giovanni plays a grumpier version of himself, who has reluctantly been talked into taking on a hapless Massimo as a favour to his mother. Exasperated with Massimo's constant nagging requests of "Let me cook!" (when Giovanni will only allow him to wash dishes) the series see's the pair getting stuck into various culinary tasks giving The Italianos a refreshing educational element with a generous dollop of fun mixed in.

The series also features guest appearances from the undefeated world champion heavyweight boxer Joe Calzaghe who enjoys learning to cook some classic Italian dishes. Viewers are also treated to a few tongue in cheek episodes with an Italianos twist on mafia movie classics Scarface and Goodfellas.

So keep your eyes peeled for the first webisodes and make sure you tell your friends, because the Italianos are serving up a blinder and we're sure it's a recipe for success!

Look out for the Italianos Charity single "Pizza Pasta Rock n Roll" being released early 2014 which will be available to buy from iTunes and Giovanni's Restaurants. All proceeds will be donated to charity.